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Below is a 7 week sample 10k training plan.

To prepare for the first run of the year it helps to set a training schedule with some realistic goals. Like most things, the more you practice the easier it is to do. The same goes with running or walking. The more you train the better prepared and easier you will find it to participate and enjoy the fun run or walk.

Our first tip therefore is to provide you with a basic training schedule. This is based on helping you get started and build up over the next seven weeks for the 10km run. If you are planning to do the 10km walk, you can follow the same schedule of suggested distances.


For the first three weeks, when alternating between running and walking, aim to extend the time and distance you run between walks while aiming to maintain or better yet reduce the time and distance you need to walk between runs.

As your level of fitness improves, try to gradually increase the length of time that you run each time or the speed of your running just a little so that your body can adjust to the extra work it is required to do. The suggested training schedule gives an example of how you can do this.

By week four, for those who want to test themselves and increase their training in a safe way, you may want to join the Shoe Clinic’s Thursday evening running group.

This run departs from the Shoe Clinic in High Street Lower Hutt at 6pm, so you will need to be at the shop by 5:55pm. The runs are at a gentle pace and Steve Robertson (from Hutt Valley Harriers) and his team will take you on a variety of runs that will get you used to running with other people – but at a pace you can talk. This will help you build your stamina for both the 5km and 10km event. Distances run on a Thursday are approximately 10km over a one hour run.